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TAISUO Technology was founded in 1992, and is a professional Tubular Heater manufacturers and Tubular Heater factory, A new professional invisible champion enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of thermal management technology. It has been focusing on the industry for 30 years. Taisuo has dozens of utility model and invention patents. The company has professional and rare technical control in the field of temperature and thermal management, such as "heating and cooling, temperature sensing, transmission control, special signal processing" and other multi-dimensional technical challenges, which can be used for auto parts, energy, petroleum, military industry, thermoelectricity , chemical industry, nuclear power, medicine and other industries to solve technical problems of temperature control equipment. We specialize in wholesale Tubular Heater etc.
As a long-term cooperative supplier, Teso Technology has gradually spread its footprints all over the world and has continuously refreshed its transformation goals in industry segments, becoming a leading company in the temperature and thermal management segment.


  • A multi-point oil well temperature sensor
  • An integrated oil well heating cable with continuous monitoring
  • An armored cable integrating heating and movable armored thermocouples
  • A high temperature resistant integrated underground heating cable
  • A heating cable with variable power in the length direction and a three-phase integrated heating cable
  • Automatic correction device for pipe forming
  • A multi-point temperature measurement oil well heating cable
  • A multi-point oil well temperature sensor
  • A convenient thermocouple calibration polarity extension connector
  • A workpiece transmission photoelectric detection signal stabilizer
  • Explosion-proof tank liquid level intelligent detection control alarm device
  • High temperature corrosion resistant armored temperature measuring cable

Industry Certification

  • Zhejiang Province Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate
  • Yuyao Engineering Technology Center Approval Document
  • Teso thyristor voltage regulator control software copyright registration certificate
  • Quality management system certification
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Production certification certificates for armored cables, temperature sensors, and heat-resistant pipe midsections
  • Market share ranking in 2022
  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate
  • environmental management system certification
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Certificate
  • Carbon fiber composite material testing report

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Tubular Heater

In the field of heating technology, tubular heaters, as an innovative and efficient device, are gradually becoming the leader in heating systems. We will introduce the working principle, design features, application fields of tubular heaters and their development prospects in the future heating field.
The core structure of a tubular heater includes a shell, a heating element and a temperature control system. The heating element is usually made of nickel-chromium alloy or copper-nickel alloy, and its special electrical properties enable it to generate high temperatures when energized. The shell is covered with insulating material to ensure that the heat energy of the heating element can be efficiently conducted to the surrounding environment. The temperature control system can achieve precise control of the heating temperature and ensure the stable operation of the system.
The design of tubular heaters is extremely flexible and can be customized according to different usage scenarios and needs. Its shape, size and power can be adjusted to specific heating needs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Different models of tubular heaters cover a wide range of needs, from domestic heating to industrial heating.
In the field of home heating, tube heaters are popular for their efficiency and convenience. Its direct heating feature requires no preheating time and provides stable heating effect immediately. This plug-and-play feature makes the tube heater an excellent user experience in home heating, especially for users who require a personalized heating solution.
In the industrial field, tubular heaters are widely used in various manufacturing processes. Its customizable features enable it to meet high-temperature heating needs in complex industrial production environments. In industries such as plastic molding, chemical reactions, and food processing, tubular heaters improve production efficiency and reduce energy waste through their high temperature and high efficiency characteristics.
Tubular heaters have a higher energy efficiency ratio than traditional heating equipment. Its fast response time and high heat transfer efficiency enable it to convert electrical energy into heat energy more efficiently during use. Since no preheating is required, tubular heaters reduce the waste of heat energy, further reducing overall energy consumption. This highly efficient energy consumption ratio is perfectly in line with modern society’s pursuit of energy management.
Tubular heaters also excel when it comes to safety. Its shell is made of high-temperature-resistant insulating material, which effectively isolates the heating element and reduces the risk of electric shock and fire. Modern tubular heaters are generally equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as overheating protection and temperature control systems, to ensure the safety of the system during operation. At the same time, advanced manufacturing processes and material selection also extend the service life of tubular heaters and reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements.
The technology of tubular heaters continues to innovate, bringing new possibilities to the field of heating technology. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology, we have reason to believe that tubular heaters will further play a greater role in the heating field. Its flexible design, efficient energy consumption ratio and multi-field applications make it a leader in modern heating equipment.
Overall, tubular heaters have become a highlight of contemporary heating technology due to their multiple advantages such as high efficiency, safety, and flexibility. While meeting user needs, its efficient utilization in industrial production and effective management of energy make tubular heaters irreplaceable in the heating system of modern society. As technology continues to evolve, I believe this innovative heating solution will show broader prospects in the future.