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An armored MI heating cable (mineral insulated heating cable) is a solid body made of a metal protection tube, inorganic armored heating cable material insulator (such as magnesium oxide, alumina, etc.), electric heating wire material combination, compacted by mold. It is pressure-resistant, shock-resistant, flexible, energy-saving, high impermeability, radiation resistance, explosion-proof, safe and reliable, easy to install, high mechanical strength, long service life, and other advantages. It is widely used in aerospace, nuclear energy, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, machinery, electric energy, and other industrial sectors and scientific research and teaching fields, in the international application, has been verified for more than forty years.

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TAISUO Technology was founded in 1992, and is a professional MI Heating Cable Suppliers and Signal Transmission Cable Company, A new professional invisible champion enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of thermal management technology. It has been focusing on the industry for 30 years. Taisuo has dozens of utility model and invention patents. The company has professional and rare technical control in the field of temperature and thermal management, such as "heating and cooling, temperature sensing, transmission control, special signal processing" and other multi-dimensional technical challenges, which can be used for auto parts, energy, petroleum, military industry, thermoelectricity , chemical industry, nuclear power, medicine and other industries to solve technical problems of temperature control equipment. We specialize in custom MI Heating Cable etc.
As a long-term cooperative supplier, Teso Technology has gradually spread its footprints all over the world and has continuously refreshed its transformation goals in industry segments, becoming a leading company in the temperature and thermal management segment.


  • A multi-point oil well temperature sensor
  • An integrated oil well heating cable with continuous monitoring
  • An armored cable integrating heating and movable armored thermocouples
  • A high temperature resistant integrated underground heating cable
  • A heating cable with variable power in the length direction and a three-phase integrated heating cable
  • Automatic correction device for pipe forming
  • A multi-point temperature measurement oil well heating cable
  • A multi-point oil well temperature sensor
  • A convenient thermocouple calibration polarity extension connector
  • A workpiece transmission photoelectric detection signal stabilizer
  • Explosion-proof tank liquid level intelligent detection control alarm device
  • High temperature corrosion resistant armored temperature measuring cable

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  • Zhejiang Province Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate
  • Yuyao Engineering Technology Center Approval Document
  • Teso thyristor voltage regulator control software copyright registration certificate
  • Quality management system certification
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Production certification certificates for armored cables, temperature sensors, and heat-resistant pipe midsections
  • Market share ranking in 2022
  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate
  • environmental management system certification
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Certificate
  • Carbon fiber composite material testing report

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Signal Transmission

In modern society, the transmission of information has become the lifeline of various industries, and the development of signal transmission cables plays a key role in it. Among them, armored cable, as a special type of signal transmission cable, has become an important link connecting the future digital world with its excellent stability and reliability. This article will provide an in-depth introduction to the characteristics, structure, application fields and future development trends of armored cables.
1. Characteristics of armored cables
Armored cable is a cable that adds a layer of metal or alloy armor protection to ordinary cables. This armored structure gives the armored cable a series of characteristics, making it perform better in some special environments and complex conditions.
The existence of the armor layer greatly improves the resistance of the armored cable to external interference. Metal armor can not only shield electromagnetic interference, but also effectively protect cables from damage by mechanical external forces, ensuring the stability of data transmission.
Armored cables usually use high-quality metals or alloys as armoring materials, which have excellent corrosion resistance. This enables the armored cable to maintain stable transmission performance under harsh environmental conditions, such as high humidity, chemical corrosion, etc.
The addition of the armor layer not only improves the tensile strength of the cable, but also increases the service life of the cable. This makes armored cables more reliable in situations where long-term, stable operation is required.
The structure of armored cables is relatively complex, usually including conductors, insulation layers, metal or alloy armor layers, outer insulation layers, etc.
Conductors are the core part of cables that transmit signals and are usually made of highly conductive copper or aluminum. The choice of conductor directly affects the transmission performance of the cable.
The insulation layer is mainly used to prevent signal leakage and mutual interference between cables. Common insulation materials include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc., which have excellent electrical insulation properties.
The armor layer is a key part of the armored cable, usually made of aluminum alloy, steel strip and other materials. The addition of the armor layer increases the mechanical strength of the cable and its ability to resist external interference.
The outer insulation layer is the final protective layer for the entire cable structure. Its material is similar to the inner insulation layer, and it also needs to have good electrical insulation properties.
3. Application fields of armored cables
Due to its unique structure and superior performance, armored cables have been widely used in various fields.
In the field of industrial automation, armored cables can stably transmit various signals and ensure the normal operation of automation equipment. Its anti-interference ability makes it perform particularly well in industrial environments with severe electromagnetic interference.
In the field of communications, armored cables are widely used to transmit telephone signals, network data, etc. Its superior anti-interference performance makes data transmission more reliable and provides solid support for communication equipment.
In the medical field, armored cables are often used for signal transmission of medical equipment to ensure the accurate operation of medical instruments. Its highly stable performance is crucial for medical diagnosis and treatment processes.
In the aerospace field, armored cables are widely used for signal transmission on spacecraft. Its corrosion resistance and resistance to external interference ensure the reliability of spacecraft in extreme environments.
As a member of the signal transmission cable family, armored cables have become a powerful assistant in signal transmission in various fields with their unique structure and superior performance. Its wide application in industrial automation, communication networks, medical equipment, aerospace and other fields provides a solid communication link for various industries. In the wave of the digital age, armored cables will continue to evolve and become an important cornerstone to connect the future, promoting various industries to embrace a more digital and intelligent future.