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Nowadays, the circulation of scientific and technological information and updates are increasingly rapid, while the instrumentation products are updated at an ever-changing rate. Since the quality of supporting sensors, AC contactors, silicon-controlled electric valves, and other actuators vary, the operation of the enterprise's capital is to be more careful, with a variety of ways of doing business. All of these to the product design department and procurement department provide more choices but also increase the difficulty of judging the information and making the right choice. Specialized knowledge is becoming more and more valuable, placing higher demands on designers and purchasers.

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TAISUO Technology was founded in 1992, and is a professional Temperature Controller Suppliers and temperature instruments company, A new professional invisible champion enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of thermal management technology. It has been focusing on the industry for 30 years. Taisuo has dozens of utility model and invention patents. The company has professional and rare technical control in the field of temperature and thermal management, such as "heating and cooling, temperature sensing, transmission control, special signal processing" and other multi-dimensional technical challenges, which can be used for auto parts, energy, petroleum, military industry, thermoelectricity , chemical industry, nuclear power, medicine and other industries to solve technical problems of temperature control equipment. We specialize in custom Temperature Controller etc.
As a long-term cooperative supplier, Teso Technology has gradually spread its footprints all over the world and has continuously refreshed its transformation goals in industry segments, becoming a leading company in the temperature and thermal management segment.


  • A multi-point oil well temperature sensor
  • An integrated oil well heating cable with continuous monitoring
  • An armored cable integrating heating and movable armored thermocouples
  • A high temperature resistant integrated underground heating cable
  • A heating cable with variable power in the length direction and a three-phase integrated heating cable
  • Automatic correction device for pipe forming
  • A multi-point temperature measurement oil well heating cable
  • A multi-point oil well temperature sensor
  • A convenient thermocouple calibration polarity extension connector
  • A workpiece transmission photoelectric detection signal stabilizer
  • Explosion-proof tank liquid level intelligent detection control alarm device
  • High temperature corrosion resistant armored temperature measuring cable

Industry Certification

  • Zhejiang Province Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate
  • Yuyao Engineering Technology Center Approval Document
  • Teso thyristor voltage regulator control software copyright registration certificate
  • Quality management system certification
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Production certification certificates for armored cables, temperature sensors, and heat-resistant pipe midsections
  • Market share ranking in 2022
  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate
  • environmental management system certification
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Certificate
  • Carbon fiber composite material testing report

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Control System

Temperature Controller is a device widely used in industrial production and household appliances. It ensures that equipment and systems are in stable working condition by detecting and adjusting ambient temperature. Temperature Controller plays an important role in many industries, such as food processing, medical equipment, aerospace, etc.
The working principle of Temperature Controller is very simple and straightforward. It collects ambient temperature data through sensors, then compares it according to the set temperature range, and adjusts the system's temperature control equipment in real time to ensure that the controlled objects (such as boilers, refrigerators, etc.) are always within the appropriate temperature range. This process is automatic and real-time, accurate to the decimal point. Temperature Controller can perform single or multi-point control according to specific requirements and applications to meet the needs of different users.
In the food processing industry, Temperature Controller plays a vital role. During food processing, it can quickly and accurately react and adjust the ambient temperature to ensure that food is processed at the ideal temperature and ensure food quality and safety. For example, the brewing industry needs to accurately control the fermentation temperature, and the Temperature Controller can quickly adjust the temperature to ensure the production of alcohol and excellent taste; the baking industry needs to control the temperature of the oven, and the Temperature Controller can accurately adjust the temperature to ensure the softness and color of baked goods; milk Product processing requires constant temperature treatment, and the Temperature Controller can stably maintain a constant temperature to ensure product quality and taste. Temperature Controller plays a vital role in the food industry, improving production efficiency and reducing uncertainty in product quality.
In the field of medical equipment, Temperature Controller also plays an important role. In laboratories, Temperature Controllers are widely used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and biologics. Many drugs must be processed and stored at specific temperatures and humidity, and Temperature Controller can provide precise temperature control to ensure the potency and stability of drugs. In medical devices, Temperature Controller also plays an important role. For example, extracorporeal circulation machines require precise control of body temperature, and the Temperature Controller can monitor and adjust body temperature to ensure patient safety and comfort during surgery. The application of Temperature Controller in medical equipment improves the quality and efficiency of medical treatment and brings a better treatment experience to patients.
In the aerospace field, Temperature Controller also plays an important role. In the spacecraft, the Temperature Controller can ensure that the temperature and humidity in the cabin are within the range that the astronauts can adapt to. On airplanes, Temperature Controllers are used to regulate the temperature of the cabin and cabin to provide a comfortable travel experience. The application of Temperature Controller in aerospace improves the comfort of the working environment and passenger satisfaction.
It should be noted that Temperature Controller should be purchased and used with caution. First, the appropriate Temperature Controller type should be selected according to needs, such as PID controller, touch screen controller, etc. Secondly, the accuracy and stability of the Temperature Controller should be ensured to avoid adverse consequences caused by temperature fluctuations. In addition, maintenance and upkeep are also important aspects of using Temperature Controller. Regularly check and calibrate the equipment to ensure its normal operation.
In short, Temperature Controller, as a device widely used in industrial production and household appliances, ensures that equipment and systems are in stable working condition by sensing and adjusting the ambient temperature. It plays a vital role in multiple industries such as food processing, medical equipment, aerospace and aviation. The application of Temperature Controller improves work efficiency, reduces uncertainty in product quality, and improves user experience. However, choosing the right Temperature Controller and using it correctly is also crucial. It is hoped that Temperature Controller can continue to develop and innovate in the future to better meet user needs and bring greater convenience to all walks of life.